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Navigating the Mortgage Market

For over 10 years, we have experienced super low interest rates. Now, things are on the up, and making sure you get not only a good deal but the right deal on your new mortgage or remortgage is more critical than ever. Charles Rothco will introduce you to a handpicked broker that has been thoroughly tested by ourselves. Your broker will help you navigate the mortgage market and provide any advice during the process that is required. Charles Rothco prides itself on full transparency and quality of service. Our introduction service is free of charge to yourself.

We offer a diverse array of mortgage options tailored to your needs.

Charles Rothco Premium Property Mortages

First Time

Embarking on your first property journey? We guide first-time buyers through the complexities, ensuring a smooth and informed transition into homeownership.

Buy to Let

Investing in property? Our expertise in the Buy to Let market ensures your investment is grounded in sound financial advice, maximising potential returns.


Looking to refinance? Whether it’s to secure a better rate or release equity, our tailored remortgage solutions align with your evolving financial landscape.

Self Employed

Navigating mortgages as a self-employed individual? We understand the unique challenges and offer bespoke solutions that recognise your entrepreneurial spirit.


Seeking a home for you and your family? From urban flats to countryside retreats, our residential mortgage services cater to every dream home scenario.

Our Commitment to Compliance

To ensure we are compliant, your application is directly with your broker. We receive none of your financial information or documentation. By working with Charles Rothco, you have an extra pair of hands to lean on your broker. We appreciate that moving home or remortgaging a home is stressful enough, and contact is so important.

Charles Rothco operates a WhatsApp service for ease of communication; just message us on +44 7566 792838.

Need Insurance?

Protecting Your Investment. We help with the following:

Mortgage Protection Insurance
Life Insurance
Critical Illness Cover