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Mortgage Broker Brentwood – Your Trusted Introduction Service

Looking for a trusted mortgage broker in Brentwood? While Charles Rothco isn’t a direct mortgage broker, we specialise in introducing you to the best mortgage brokers in the Brentwood and surrounding areas. Let us guide you to the right professional tailored to your needs.


Why Choose Charles Rothco as Your Introducer?


Local Knowledge

We understand the Brentwood market and have connections with the top mortgage brokers in the area.


Save Time

Instead of searching and vetting brokers yourself, let us introduce you to the best.


Trusted Network

Every broker we introduce has been thoroughly vetted for professionalism, expertise, and customer service.

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Mortgage Broker Brentwood – How Our Introduction Service Works

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Tell Us Your Needs

Fill out our simple pre application form detailing your mortgage requirements.


We Find the Best Match

Based on your needs, we’ll introduce you to a mortgage broker in Brentwood who’s the perfect fit.


Connect & Proceed

Meet with the broker, discuss your needs, and move forward with confidence.


Born from a quest for optimal mortgage deals, Charles Rothco prioritises genuine client relationships over mere transactions.


Is Charles Rothco a licensed mortgage broker?

No, we are not a mortgage broker. We are an introducer, helping you connect with the best mortgage brokers in Brentwood.


How do you select which mortgage brokers to introduce?

We have a rigorous vetting process to ensure we only introduce you to reputable and experienced brokers.

Where Luxury Meets Lending

In a decade of historically low-interest rates, the landscape is shifting. Ensuring you secure the right mortgage deal is paramount. At Charles Rothco, we connect you to elite brokers, handpicked for their expertise. Experience our commitment to transparency and top-tier service at no cost.

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We offer a diverse array of mortgage options tailored to your needs.

First Time

Embarking on your first property journey? We guide first-time buyers through the complexities, ensuring a smooth and informed transition into homeownership.

Buy to Let

Investing in property? Our expertise in the Buy to Let market ensures your investment is grounded in sound financial advice, maximising potential returns.


Looking to refinance? Whether it’s to secure a better rate or release equity, our tailored remortgage solutions align with your evolving financial landscape.

Self Employed

Navigating mortgages as a self-employed individual? We understand the unique challenges and offer bespoke solutions that recognise your entrepreneurial spirit.


Seeking a home for you and your family? From urban flats to countryside retreats, our residential mortgage services cater to every dream home scenario.

Ready to find the perfect mortgage broker in Brentwood?

Let Charles Rothco introduce you to the best. With our deep understanding of the Brentwood market and a network of trusted professionals, we ensure a seamless experience for you.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to refinance, our introductions will connect you with the right expert tailored to your needs.