The Beginning of Charles Rothco

Charles Rothco was born out of a simple question: was my bank giving me the best deal on my mortgage? A mortgage is probably the largest loan you will ever get, yet we may shop around more for our next holiday deal than our mortgage. We wanted a better solution for our neighbours, our friends, and for anyone else who wanted a better deal. We aimed to build a relationship business that could understand the needs of its clients and serve them. Financial advice is not just for the mega-wealthy but is for all.

Our Mission

The founders of Charles Rothco, who had spent over 20 years in finance, technology, and property management, made it a mission to fix this. We found the most knowledgeable, expert brokers and put them to the test. Once we had found the perfect solution, we launched to a select few clients to further cement our theory that these brokers could add the value needed to serve a Charles Rothco client. We are proud of the relationship building and years of work we have put into the best people. You can benefit from this network…

Our Approach

Charles Rothco is an introducer. We connect you directly with our handpicked prestige brokers. Our commitment is rooted in trust, transparency, and excellence. We guide every step of your journey, ensuring informed decisions. With us, you’re not just a client; you’re part of a discerning community that deserves the best.